What You Get For Your Money in Fallbrook

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Fallbrook offers a wide range of housing options in virtually all price ranges. Here’s a quick primer on current market conditions in Fallbrook and what your money will buy today.

Under $350,000

Fallbrook homes in this price range will usually be starter homes, “fixers”, or homes for those seeking to downsize. In this category you’ll find manufactured housing, condos, townhomes and, on occasion, detached on-site built homes. Most of these homes are centered around the “Village” area of Fallbrook (“in town”) or along the I-15 corridor. Only rarely will properties priced under $350,000 appear in the “estate zoned” areas of Fallbrook where lot and home sizes are typically larger. Most under $350,000 homes in Fallbrook will have lot sizes well under a quarter of an acre and home sizes under 1,500 square feet (with most homes less than 1200 square feet in size).

$350,000 to $550,000

Currently, there is strong demand for properties priced from $300,000 to $550,000 and while there is a reasonable supply, in our experience, most buyers in the under $550,000 range are finding it difficult to locate homes that meet all their ambitious requirements. So if you see a property that fits most of your criteria, be prepared to make a competitive offer in a timely fashion. Even in today’s challenging selling environment, the best homes in this price range will typically attract qualified buyers.

Most homes under $550,000 are located in or near the “Village” area of Fallbrook. Rarely will homes in this range exceed 2,500 square feet, with most homes less than 2,000 square feet. Lot sizes at the upper end of this price range will usually top out at 1 acre.

A much smaller percent of under $550,000 homes, perhaps less than 20%, will be located in the outlying “estate” zoned areas of the region. In South Fallbrook there are very few homes available in this price range. Be prepared to pay a premium for most homes in South Fallbrook where lot sizes are 2 acres or more and neighboring homes are larger custom-built executive homes, villas, and estates.

$550,000 to $800,000

Most of these homes are located outside the Fallbrook “Village” core and enjoy open spaces, views and pastoral settings. Typically, homes in this price range will have at least 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and most will be over 2,000 square feet. As a group, most of these homes will feature at least a 1/2 acre of land, but many will be sited on parcels of at least one acre or more. There is a good selection of quality homes in this price range. Most buyers should find many suitable properties that will meet  a majority of their requirements. Perhaps 25% of the homes in this price range were built since 2000 (usually the higher priced homes in this category), so styles and finishes are current and many homes are move-in ready. If you are a discerning buyer seeking real value in Southern California estate-style living near the coast, look no further. These Fallbrook area homes offer some of the best values anywhere in Southern California.

$800,000 to $1,000,000

Fallbrook area homes in this price range are typically located in the outlying estate zoned regions of greater Fallbrook, most often: a) in South Fallbrook — south of Green Canyon Road, b) along the Wilt/Sage road hilltop ridges, c) nestled into or overlooking the Gird Valley, d) northeast of Live Oak Park and e) overlooking the Santa Margarita River Valley. Homes in this price range are often over 3,000 square feet, feature at least 2 1/2 baths, and have 3 or more bedrooms. The most distinct characteristic of these homes is that they virtually all have at least 2 acres of land with many properties enjoying at least 3 acres of land , views, park-like settings, and more. Homes in this price range typically offer buyers true luxury and feature contemporary amenities and design motifs. The majority of these homes where built or renovated in the past 10 or so years. There is a wide selection of homes currently available at this price point and buyers may find motivated sellers if offers are reasonable.

Over $1,000,000

We are now entering the rarified world of Fallbrook’s estate properties and enclaves. Virtually all $1,000,000 plus properties are located in the outlying “estate” zoned regions of greater Fallbrook, most often: a) in South Fallbrook — centered near the San Luis Rey Heights area, b) in the Olive Hill Road corridor & Morro Hills, c) along the Wilt/Sage road hilltop ridges, d) nestled into or overlooking the Gird Valley or e) northeast of Live Oak Park. Homes in this price range are expansive, typically over 4,500 square feet and with most featuring at least 4 bathrooms and 5 bedrooms. Almost all are on large lots with many estates built on parcels sized over 2 acres. Many are sited on over 4 acres of land. Estate properties in this region offer unparalleled value and will rival other Southern California estate enclaves at a fraction of the cost. Seclusion, privacy, stunning views, easy access to LA, Hollywood, Orange County and San Diego city centers, makes these properties perfect primary residences. Or consider these properties for second home escapes from the busy outside world. Homes of this caliber are often compounds with guest homes/casitas, pools & spectacular water features, lush grounds, expansive outdoor entertaining areas, and so much more. You’ll find properties featuring a wide range of amenities including equestrian facilities, tennis courts, gate-guarded entries, private mini-golf courses, RV garages, car collector’s barns, vineyards, orchards, and much more. With Fallbrook regional estates, you can let your imagination roam.



Published on Wednesday, June 1, 2016

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