FIVE reasons why this Fallbrook home SOLD for Top Dollar at $353/square foot:

The right price, effective home preparation, powerful marketing, and diligent deal management all converged for a quick sale. LEARN MORE BELOW

Here’s how we sold this Fallbrook home for TOP DOLLAR ($353/sq ft)— a great example of a successful seller/agent partnership.
1. We Established A Plan

We were approached by the owner of this appealing (above pictured) South Fallbrook home, who was seeking advice on the selling. Ultimately, the seller’s goal was to secure the highest price in the shortest time frame possible. After carefully listening to the owner’s unique needs, we made some high-level recommendations on the best way to proceed. Here’s how the process unfolded…

2. We Correctly Priced The Home

As is our custom, we created a detailed “pricing recommendation report” that compiled and analyzed active, pending, and sold listing data for homes we considered similar to our client’s. In preparing these reports, we use our extensive understanding of the market, direct knowledge of many of the comparable homes, and our experience working with local buyers to arrive at a “pricing recommendation” for the seller. In this case, the seller was delightfully surprised by our recommendation. Ultimately, the home sold for a price of $353/square foot – this was, at the time of sale, the highest price per square foot for recently sold comparable homes.

3. We Carefully Prepared The Home

Getting top dollar for your home requires planning. Each home is unique and this home was no different. It was a very nice home indeed, but as with any home, there were issues to address — and the seller happily agreed to act on our advice regarding staging and preparation. We believe that sellers benefit from our objective assessment of how their home will appear to potential buyers. In many cases, we save sellers money by advising against projects that will not provide an adequate return on effort or money expended. And when we do make a recommendation, it’s because our experience tells us that these tune-ups will offer substantial payback.

4. We Professionally  Brought It To Market

Once the home is ready, we begin the process of delivering a marketing and selling package that makes your unique property irresistible to our projected target buyer. We are online marketing experts with deep experience in internet technology and marketing platforms. Our online outreach strategy requires that we produce the highest quality, professionally produced photos and “searchable” advertising copy and data inputs designed to quickly catch the attention of our target audience. As online experts, we make sure we’re delivering these materials through: 1) multiple regional professional MLS systems used exclusively by agents 2.) through syndication to major real estate sites like Zillow and used by consumers 3.) other online advertising platforms such as Facebook and Instagram and 4.) on our own best-in-breed regional website – And we also work our standard personal connections with buyers and our established high-touch regional network of industry associates. For this home, the campaign was launched flawlessly and when our seller’s property went on the market it immediately generated inquiries.

5. We Worked It Until Sold. We tightly managed in-bound leads, the offer, and escrow through to closing.

Getting a buyer’s offer to purchase your home is just a critical first step. Once we do that, we transition to the goal of getting the deal to the finish line. We do this better than most by keeping the process moving on track, anticipating and heading off potential issues, and working through problems if they arise. We calmly manage the process, so you don’t have to and we don’t let up until your home is successfully SOLD. Find out what others say about how we close deals.


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