Regional Overview of the Communities of Bonsall, Fallbrook, Rainbow & De Luz

We like to call this area (the communities of Bonsall, Fallbrook, De Luz and Rainbow) the “Paradise Circle” because its a special place, unique among San Diego County regions. In fact, there is nowhere else quite like it. Some residents consider this place to be one of the top, all-around, destinations to live in America, so if you are thinking of relocating for retirement, or simply to change your life, don’t overlook this special place in Southern California. There is much to like about The Circle’s laid back lifestyle, friendly people, scenic beauty, and fabulous weather. Let’s take a quick look at what’s here.

The hub of the region is Fallbrook, which is located in northwest San Diego County (California), just 14 miles from Pacific coast beaches and 45 miles north of downtown San Diego. Here you’ll find 56 square miles of bucolic rolling hills, valleys, and ridges blanketed by citrus & avocado groves, vineyards, and many lush & varied growing grounds. It’s a gentle topography that offers sweeping vistas to distant mountains — a place away from the hustle and bustle, but that still offers you easy access to shopping, activities, culture, and so much more. Here you’ll find lots of fresh air, and (with an average population density of almost one resident per acre) room to spread out.

Bonsall is just south of Fallbrook and a quick 12 miles east of Pacific Ocean beaches and approximately 40 miles north of downtown metropolitan San Diego. It’s a tranquil area characterized by rolling hills, valleys, and thousands of acres of open spaces, lush green groves, and archetypal western style ranches and haciendas. In Bonsall, you’ll find stunning vistas of distant mountains and the nearby Pacific Ocean abound.

To the north of Fallbrook is fabulous De Luz. In this rural and sparely populated Southern California community you can still find a rare sense of openness, wild natural beauty and quiet. It truly is a road less traveled. De Luz is a geographic anomaly — a place that still offers full-time and second-home residents a rural lifestyle, but with the added benefit of a wonderful near-ocean Mediterranean climate — and quick freeway access to all points in San Diego, Riverside, LA, Orange County, and Hollywood. De Luz is located along the northern San Diego and southern Riverside County borders with easy access to Temecula and Fallbrook for local shopping, services, and entertainment.

To the east lies the rural community of Rainbow at the northern border of San Diego County, just 20 miles from Pacific Ocean beaches and a quick 47 miles north of downtown San Diego. Rainbow is immediately east of the neighboring village of Fallbrook and is a quick hop south of bustling Temecula. But despite Rainbow’s proximity to convenient shopping and services, it remains a sleepy “four corner town” — a world apart and throwback to another era.


The region is located in one of the world’s five Mediterranean climate zones. These are special and rare places that are are defined by relatively low humidities, abundant sunshine, mild temperatures and limited rainfall.

Sunset Magazine’s “Western Garden Book”, places the Fallbrook/Bonsall region in climate zone 23 (More Info). Greater San Diego County has some half-dozen or more climate zones, each with their unique characteristics, but in general, this area’s zone 23 has lower summertime highs than many inland areas of San Diego County, yet still enjoys more days of sunshine than the beach communities. Almost a perfect blend of weather characteristics.

No wonder so many commercial nurseries call this region home. It’s a year round temperate growing climate, which is human friendly too. Air conditioning is often unnecessary. Summertime highs average in the mid 80s. Winters are mild with daytime temperatures in the mid 60s. Many winter days will have daytime highs in the 70s and sometimes the 80s. Most precipitation occurs during the winter months.

(Fun Fact: It’s surprising to newcomers, but the region has many micro-climates, which can reportedly cause temperature variations of as much as 5-10 degrees or more across the community.)

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