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Fallbrook residents enjoy outdoor pursuits, sports, the arts and more… it’s all here

HORSES • Equestrians can find a variety of properties in Fallbrook zoned for and suitable for horse keeping. The Fallbrook Riders club maintains a 10 acre riding venue in the Green Canyon area for members. An even larger riding venue is located in north Fallbrook along the Santa Margarita River. For over 25 years, the Fallbrook Trails Council (their website) has maintained over 14 miles of horse and walking trails, which meander among over 1400 acres of open space preserve. Access to these trails is from a parking/staging area in De Luz, or by direct access from residences located adjacent to the preserve.

WINE LOVERS • Viticulture (winemaking and grape production) has arrived in Fallbrook. One of the regional leaders is the Fallbrook Winery, Fallbrook’s own award wining winery. (Read the story – from the San Diego Reader, “Nothing But Berries”). And the Fallbrook winery isn’t the only wine maker who has discovered Fallbrook. A number of talented amateur winemakers have also found a home in Fallbrook.

TENNIS • Near perfect weather encourages year-round play for tennis enthusiasts. There are variety of tennis facilities in the area. The Fallbrook Tennis Club is private club offering affordable memberships and league play to players of all ages. The club is a booster of the sport and hosts several USTA-sanctioned junior tournaments during the year. Public courts are also available with facilities at the Fallbrook High School, Rainbow County Park and the Fallbrook Community Center.

CAR COLLECTING • Fallbrook has become a magnet for car collectors. The region offers enthusiasts the opportunity to own residential properties a.) that include existing outbuildings that can accommodate a car collector’s or restorer’s needs or b.) that can accommodate new construction with the space and proper zoning for the construction of purpose-built restoration shops and collector barns. Expertise and specialized services are available locally. A number of prominent car collectors and restorers call Fallbrook home including companies like CPR Classic (Porsche specialists). No matter your level of interest, you’ll find the “Village” a friendly place to pursue your passion. Many local enthusiasts come together by supporting the Fallbrook Vintage Car Club, founded in the 1950s. The club offers enthusiasts at all levels the opportunity to support the community and to share their passion with others.

THE ARTS & CRAFTS • Fallbrook is a budding art community with many residents pursuing a variety of creative passions. From the fine arts to woodworking to metal sculpture, you’ll find friends who share your creative interests. Fallbrook is attractive to creative types not only because of the area’s serene beauty, but also because larger homes and lot sizes means creators have the room for art studios and workshops.

Organizations For The Arts

GARDENING • Fallbrook is for gardeners and lovers of the outdoors. The weather is picture perfect for growing a wide variety of plants. The Fallbrook Gardening Club is one of the oldest and largest gardening clubs in California, which means you’ll have ready access to gardening experts and new-found friends. The region is also a hub for commercial growing grounds, so you are never far from a direct supply of a wide variety of plant materials. In Fallbrook, gardeners often say “the growing is easy”. Additional resources: Cal Poly Tree Selection Tool, Mission Resource Conservation District.


Fallbrook has year-round near-perfect weather

Fallbrook is located in one of the world’s five Mediterranean climate zones. These are special and rare places that are defined by relatively low humidities, abundant sunshine, mild temperatures and limited rainfall.

Sunset Magazine’s “Western Garden Book”, places Fallbrook in climate zone 23. Greater San Diego County has some half-dozen or more climate zones, each with their unique characteristics, but in general, Fallbrook’s zone 23 has lower Fallbrook-weather-chart3summertime highs than many inland areas of San Diego County, yet still enjoys more days of sunshine than the beach communities. Almost a perfect blend of weather characteristics.

No wonder so many commercial nurseries call Fallbrook home. It’s a year round temperate growing climate, which is human friendly too. Air conditioning is almost unnecessary. Summertime highs average in the mid 80s. Winters are mild with daytime temperatures in the mid 60s. Many winter days will have daytime highs in the 70s and sometimes the 80s. Most precipitation occurs during the winter months.

Fallbrook has many micro-climates, which can reportedly cause temperature variations of as much as 5 degrees or more across the community.

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